If you are looking to sell your house in Peoria, Arizona, you’ve certainly considered exactly when you should officially list your house in order to gain the best offers. While timing is crucial when it comes to real estate sales, Peoria’s housing market is in a solid state. Peoria has a robust amount of offerings that attract a wide variety of people to buy homes in the area. Residents can take advantage of a plethora of outdoor recreation or pop down to the “P83 District,” the area’s top destination to experience culinary delights, shop local boutiques, experience incredible entertainment, and attend signature Peoria events and festivals. 

Home appreciation is up 6% over the past 12 months alone, and it is expected to rise another 4.5% in the upcoming year. This isn’t a fleeting uptick. According to Zillow’s data, the market average per sale in Peoria has grown $50,000 in a four-year period. The tips below will help you carve out the ideal time to plant that sale sign in your front lawn.

Have your Realtor® Tell YOU When to List
Remember that it isn’t your job to sell your house, that’s what you pay a professional real estate agent to do. Top agents in Peoria are confident in their experience and will be able to provide you with a detailed, strategic timeline for listing your home. One of their goals is to earn a great commission. The higher offer you receive, the better the commission they earn. Both of you benefit by leveraging your agent's granular knowledge of cyclical market sales to find the best time to put your home up for sale. Remember, as soon as it is officially listed for sale in the housing database, your agent’s phone will start ringing! Make sure you are working with one of the best Realtors® in Peoria by using Effective Agents' technology to receive a customized list of only top-selling agents in Peoria.

Take Advantage of Summer Months, Long Days and Warm Temperatures
It’s been statistically proven that when the three above factors converge, homes sell fast and for top dollar. This means that the cold, short winter months should be your go-to time to make repairs, complete minor upgrades, and deep clean your home. The spring season is the time to invest in the “little things” that will help your home sell. For example, pressuring washing the house’s exterior, bringing in eye-catching pieces of accent décor, repaving a cracked driveway, and staging the most important rooms in your home are all ways to earn a great offer in a modest time period.

Understand Life Factors that Contribute to when Buyers are Most Active
Buyers generally do a lot of online browsing during the colder months without much intent to actually go out and tour homes or hire a Realtor®. These are called passive buyers. During late spring, there are several environmental and life factors that turn passive buyers who have been looking at homes all winter into active buyers who will finally start taking concrete steps to purchase a home. For example, families with children will be looking to buy a home during the summer, focusing on the school district they would like to enroll their children in before the next school year begins in August. Many buyers also have some extra money in their pockets thanks to tax refunds. Longer days also give buyers more time to tour homes during the week after the workday ends.


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